Design Inspiration for Your Closet

There is design inspiration all around us, from nature to traveling to your favorite store brand. Whenever we go over projects with our clients, it helps to see what their vision is. Here are [...]

Up and Coming Design Trends in 2020

WPL Interior Design is always excited to see how design trends evolve, even just after one year. Bold colors and patterns are still very present from last year, and we reported last week where we [...]

Making the Most of Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands allow more counter space in an open kitchen, but that’s not all it does. When it comes to both function and aesthetics, there are numerous possibilities. Whether you’re thinking [...]

Is the McMansion Dead?

The ancient Roman architect Vitruvius stated buildings should always be beautiful, durable, and functional. And before the housing market crash of 2008, McMansions were considered to [...]

Universal Kitchen Design Ideas

Ready to remodel your kitchen? Accessibility is key. Start by considering your household: how many people live in the home and what kind of abilities are you planning for? Remember that universal [...]

Universal Bathroom Design and Remodeling

Bathrooms are one of the first rooms considered when remodeling for aging in place, handicap accessibility, and general universal design. Today’s bathrooms are considered a place of relaxation [...]

Universal Design: Designing for All

Last week, we talked about aging in place. That is, the trend of older homeowners who desire or plan to live in their homes independently. To do so, many homeowners and families decide to [...]

Design Trends for 2019

“Bold” and “rich” are what come to mind when we look at both current and upcoming trends in interior design. Homeowners are putting on their designer’s eye and developing more defined visions of [...]

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