High Point Market Trends: Brass or Gold?

Twice a year, buyers from around the world come to High Point Market to see beautifully designed showrooms and exhibits. Buyers come to High Point to see the most innovative new products, see the [...]

Color Trends for 2019

As mentioned in our last post, color has been making a comeback in the kitchen, and we continue to see homeowners making bold color choices when renovating their homes. While white and neutral [...]

The Kitchen Isn’t Just White Anymore

White cabinetry has long been considered a timeless choice when it comes to kitchen design. Most people perceive white kitchens as clean, spacious, bright, and the best choice for resale value [...]

Pantone Color of the Year 2018

Late last year, Pantone announced its 2018 Color of the Year. The Color of the Year is a highly anticipated announcement each year within the design community and among followers and observers of [...]

Our Favorite Whites & Off-Whites

One of the secrets to the picking the best paint colors is using the right paint companies’ samples. While there are many good companies we like, if you have ever selected paint colors with us, [...]

Color of the Year 2017

Pantone has been the leader in selecting and promoting the “Color of the Year” since the year 2000 but now other companies, especially paint companies are getting involved as well. The [...]

Design Home 2016: Paint & Paint Colors

We have been working with Sherwin-Williams paints for our entire 35 years in business and one thing we have observed is that Sherwin-Williams is a leader in paint technology. There have been vast [...]

Color Trends from High Point Market

Twice a year, spring and fall, we go to High Point, North Carolina to see what is going on in the furniture industry. 75,000 designers, furniture dealers, manufacturers and buyers all meet in [...]

Applying Colors to Interiors

We are frequently asked about color and how to use it. Besides the difficulty of selecting an actual paint color for a room, clients frequently do not know how to apply the rest of the color [...]

Oscar Gold for Everyday

Gold is so hot lately! Not just at the Oscars but in interior design as well. We first reported on this trend in 2014 and the trend is continuing to grow and become more mainstream. We do not [...]

Our Favorite Paint Colors – Part 2

In our last blog post we shared some of our favorite paint colors with you, specifically from The Benjamin Moore Classic Collection. This week we are sharing more of our favorite paint colors but [...]

Our Favorite Paint Colors

In our last blog post we discussed how to select the best paint color for your space. This week we are sharing some of our all-time favorite paint colors. We have a very strong like for Benjamin [...]

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