What’s New in LED Lighting Technology

When looking for lighting products, you may have noticed that most of the options in stores are now LED. Compared to traditional lighting products, LED lights can have a lifespan up to twenty [...]

Why Switch to LED Lighting?

You have probably heard by now that LED light bulbs can save you money. But did you know that they have the lowest energy consumption of any lighting product, ever? They are roughly 80% to [...]

Design Home 2016: Lighting

When we work with sponsors at Design Home, often times it’s with a sponsor whom we already do business with like Closet City, Ferguson’s Showroom, Colonial Marble & Granite, Sherwin-Williams [...]

High Point Market

People who know us know that twice a year we head to High Point, North Carolina for the High Point Market. Each, spring and fall, we go there to see what is going on in the furniture industry. [...]

Kitchen Design Basics

Where does one begin to plan a new kitchen? Clearly a space plan is needed and we recommend starting with appliances. Where are they? How far apart are they? How many are there? Which ones? And [...]

Lighting 101

The easiest way to understand lighting is to think of it as these three basic types: General or Ambient, Accent and Task Lighting. GENERAL (AMBIENT) LIGHTING This is usually your primary source [...]