Designing An A+ Kid’s Study

Every parent wants their child to have fun learning and having a kid’s study room can help as they navigate through new subjects at school. A kid’s study room doesn’t have to take up a whole room [...]

Home Theater Design Ideas

Who doesn’t love movies? Whether it’s a quiet night in, a date night, or family night, movie nights are the best. With online streaming sites making movies and television shows available at any [...]

The Buzz of Building a Wine Room

There is nothing like capping off a long day with a glass of fine wine. And if you have a growing collection of fine wines, it’s probably time to consider adding a wine room in your home. Also [...]

Are All-In-One Toilets the Future?

Bidets have been around for centuries and are commonly used in many countries, particularly in Europe and Asia. While they’ve also been around in the United States for some time, they’ve recently [...]

The Kitchen Isn’t Just White Anymore

White cabinetry has long been considered a timeless choice when it comes to kitchen design. Most people perceive white kitchens as clean, spacious, bright, and the best choice for resale value [...]

Bathroom Evolution 2018

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom continues to be one of the most popular rooms in the home to renovate. Like kitchens, bathrooms, especially master bathrooms, give a great return on investment. [...]

Kitchen Evolution 2018

The kitchen remains the single highest priority when clients seek to renovate and add value to their homes. Kitchens are the most popular big-ticket items in home remodeling today and the one [...]

Kitchen Design Trends 2017

We are seeing some new and continuing trends in Kitchen Design and here are our insights. Trends are increasing in speed from previous years, meaning the time between when they first appear and [...]

Bathroom Design Trends 2017

We are seeing some new and continuing trends in Bathroom Design. Here are our insights: It used to be that residential bathroom design influenced hotel bathroom design, but now hotel bathroom [...]

Design Home 2016: Outdoor Spaces

One of the most popular spaces at Design Home 2016 has been the roof deck on top of the home and on the 6th floor. With 360 degree views including the Delaware River, the Benjamin Franklin [...]

Design Home 2016: Closets

We have worked with one closet company almost exclusively for the past 20-something years due to our incredible trust in Janet Stevenson of Closets & Cabinetry by Closet City Ltd. in [...]

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