Styling a Room for Guests

When many people think of interior design, one of the first things they think of is decorating a space. And while decorating is fun, there is a lot more to sprucing up a space than just making it [...]

Color Trends from High Point Market

Twice a year, spring and fall, we go to High Point, North Carolina to see what is going on in the furniture industry. 75,000 designers, furniture dealers, manufacturers and buyers all meet in [...]

What’s Happening in your Closet?

Is your closet a source of pride or a source of shame? Is it something you like to show off to your friends or a hiding place to throw everything that no one should ever see when visiting your [...]

Changing the Look and Feel of a Room

When it comes to changing the look and feel of a room, nothing is more cost effective and immediately satisfying than painting it a different color.  But many people are tentative and insecure [...]