Color Trends for 2019

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As mentioned in our last post, color has been making a comeback in the kitchen, and we continue to see homeowners making bold color choices when renovating their homes. While white and neutral colors continue to offer homeowners flexibility in their home’s design, more people are gaining confidence in adding color to their homes. What are we going to be seeing more of in color trends for 2019?

Photo by Sherwin-Williams

Photo by Sherwin-Williams


Last year, Zillow’s Paint Color Analysis showed that blue was a hot color; homes with light blue bathrooms were selling $5,440 more than expected, and homes with blue kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, or front doors were also selling for almost $2,000 more compared to similar homes with white walls. We expect blue to continue as one of the more popular color trends for 2019; no matter the shade, it is a calming and inviting color for the home.

Photo by Sherwin-Williams


This year, Zillow’s analysis showed houses with black kitchen cabinets selling for a $1,547 premium, and homes with black front doors were selling at a whopping $6,271 more than average.

One of the palettes forecasted for 2019 by PANTONEVIEW Home + Interiors Guide, “Classico,” includes deep teals, burgundy reds and caviar blacks, showing that the dark color trends will continue to dominate.

Photo by Sherwin-Williams

Warm Colors

Another one of the 8 palettes presented by PANTONEVIEW Home + Interiors Guide is “Cravings,” which introduces more sensual and warm colors, including bold reds, warm oranges, and rich purples. Alluding to “fetish foods”, these colors are supposed to entice our senses.

Photos by Pantone


Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast for 2019 forecasted 42 trend colors, including many different shades of brown amongst their “Raconteur”, “Wanderer”, and “Aficionado” palettes. Not only do they offer a sense of neutrality and elegance into a home, but they offer a natural, earthy environment that pairs well with other pops of color.

Photos by Pantone

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