“Autumn Afternoon” by Jeanne Amato


“Autumn Afternoon” by Jeanne Amato. Woodblock print. Signed and numbered in pencil. Conservation framing with UV glass and custom hickory wood frame.

The lightness of the frame provides an earthy contrast to the bare white birch trees.  Every attribute of the tree is on point.  Every piece of bark is rigorously chiseled in the trunks as the stunning branches reach into the blue sky on an bright afternoon.  The last rays of sunlight are ominous.  The light of day is beginning to fade as the trees cast long shadows across the landscape.  Winter is coming seems to be the call of this chilly day.  Every meticulous detail of a wooded hillslide scene is flawless on this print by the Vermont resident.

Jeanne Robacker Amato is a woodcut printmaker living in Woodstock, Vermont, where she recently moved and set up a home gallery, open to the public, at 40 Central Street.  Jeanne also maintains her studio,  Allen Hill Press, in Sharon, Vermont. She has been a working artist living in Vermont since 1986.

Jeanne received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1985 from Keene State College where she studied printmaking with John Roberts. Upon moving to central Vermont, she had the great opportunity to work as the assistant to renowned Vermont printmaker, Sabra Field. It was during this time that Jeanne began to develop her own unique talent, focusing on the woodcut with its multi-faceted techniques, challenges, and intrinsic rewards. More than twenty years later, the woodcut continues to hold a fascination for this artist.

In addition to being a printmaker, Jeanne enjoys teaching children and adults. She often teaches and hosts workshops at her studio and gallery, Allen Hill Press.

Works well in any environment, urban or rural, contemporary or traditional.

Professional Memberships have included the following: Vermont Crafts Council, Vermont Hand Crafters, Inc., Glastonbury Art Guild, Glastonbury, CT,  The St. Louis Artists’ Guild, St. Louis, MO, League of NH Craftsmen, Concord, NH.



Framed size: 22 1/2″ wide x 28 3/4″ high