Autumn Landscape


Autumn scene. Oil painting on canvas. Signed lower right.

While the artist is unknown, the emotion that this piece evokes is determined and unquestionable.  Looking at this painting, one is transformed into a brisk autumn day in a bucolic setting in a field that was not long ago green and fetal.  A feeling of seasonal transition brings on a nostalgic emotion and longing for a simpler time and place.

One aspect of fall is the mood of change, the transience that makes for an invigorating, and yet subdued, dynamic feel:  the freshness of the new colors, the time speeded up and each day bringing something different.  After summer’s doldrums and humid haze, the sky clears, the winds grow brisk, and the low sun paints late-afternoon golds.  Each tree asserts its uniqueness with its own color and stands out from the forest crowd.  The time is vivid, painted, festive, with its longer twilights and nights orange-lit with decorations.  But the fat pumpkins are deteriorating, the leaves drying and crackling away, the harvests over-ripening, and the strong colors quickly withdrawing.

The colorful trees dominate the scene as in the background sits a lone farm house isolated in the field and hidden within the transforming trees.  Mountains loom behind the house like the inevitable change of seasons.

The pristine nature of this piece, exceptional color saturation, and dramatic textures make it a desirable addition to your collection.  The weathered frame brings a rustic feel to this painting that will blend well with any decor.  No matter what the time of year, this work will always be in season.  In the heat of summer it will provoke a longing for the crisp days of Autumn.  In the dark cold days of winter, it will remind you of the transition that came before.  When spring appears, it will harbor a feeling of what is yet to come.

Framed size: 40″ wide x 28″ high