“Blue Bucket” still life


Blue Bucket still life, oil painting.  Artist is unknown.

A simple yet complex still life.  The artist uses great detail to capture an ordinary object.  A weather worn blue bucket sits alone and abandoned in a field.  The bucket looks very much alive compared to the dying grass and nondescript dirt.   While it is well-worn, it looks vibrant against the thin brush strokes that make up the straw-like grass.  Those thin lines punctuate the bucket’s attributes.  Look at the way the paint on the wood knob is worn as to imitate the pattern of a hand that has repeatedly carried the bucket for many years. You can almost see where the fingers gripped the handle and know that the bucket has been carried and used over a long period of time.  There are slight rust spots inside the bucket and the paint is worn at the top from being filled and emptied over and over.  The two metal rings that surround the bucket are also loosing their paint and the bare metal is peaking through.  The attention to detail makes the viewer aware of  the corrosion that is on the bucket’s slats which indicate that it has served it’s owner well.

The more you study this piece, the more you begin to see and the more you begin to imagine the history of this simple object which has been beautifully depicted.

The beautiful dark wood frame is a nice contrast to the bright blue of the bucket.

Perfect for any environment or decor.  It has a small footprint that will certainly serve you well and be a conversation point in your home or office.

Framed size: 9 1/4″ wide x 7″ high

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