Candy Coated limited edition print


Candy Coated, formerly known as Candy Depew. Print on paper, circa 2004.

Candy Coated is an artist who travels internationally to make her work and research collections of ornamental prints and decorative arts. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Candy earned her BFA from Kent State University, later studied at Newcomb School of Art at Tulane University in New Orleans, and completed her MFA at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 1997. Candy has lectured on and shown her sculptural ceramic work, silkscreen prints, and room installations at universities and galleries in the US and internationally. To complement her candycoated initiative of decorating the world little by little and spreading her passion for silkscreen printing and decorating, Candy established the “StudioSchool” of decorative art & design in Philadelphia at her CandyCoated Center. She continues to candy coat her world, and is helping others to do so, as well.

Now based in Northern California, USA  A devout promoter of decorative culture and its continued daily practice, Candy co-founded an international  Studio Artist-in-Residency Program based in Napa Valley with her own off-shoot satellite mirrored tiny house project called Wherever You Go, You Are (2017) in collaboration with the National Parks Service and the coast of California.

With her coastal migration from Philadelphia to be closer to the natural healing energies of the Pacific Ocean, the time has finally come for Candy to present a project she has been secretly developing for many years.  This incarnation of her dedicated research in, experience creating and teaching art, combined with setting up countless studios has coalesced into one sparkling gem of architectural form on wheels; a modern-lined tiny house live/work silk-screen fabric printing studio completely mirrored on the exterior aptly named “the Invisible House”!

This candycoated project plans to travel up and down the Coast of California stopping at gorgeous locations and special culturally inclined hosts all along the ways sharing the love of screen printing and creating nature inspired environmentally friendly fabric/textile designs while continuing to disseminate, promote, and shape cultural understandings/ creative manifestations of the decorative impulse through this unique initiative in tandem with healing, inspiring, and restorative powers of nature.

Nature is on display in this print from her Philadelphia era.  Abstract flowers and trees are presented on a stark white background.  The unique metal frame gives the piece a modern feel.  It would brighten up any environment and would be perfect in a young girl’s bedroom or anywhere that needs a boost of color and fun.

A limited edition print from a renown artist.

Framed size: 37 1/2″ wide x 31 1/2″ high