“Close to the Bridge” by Tone Orvik


“Close to the Bridge” by Tone Orvik. Glass bust of woman. Signed by artist.
Tone Orvik has been kiln casting glass since 2006 and hot glass sculpting at the Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle since 2008. This artist is also proficient in cold-working and sand casting glass at Pratt.
She has taught sculpture and portraiture in studio and at workshops, including the International Stone Sculptor’s Symposium, Mount Vernon, WA, since 2002.
She is affiliated with National Sculpture Society, Glass Art Society, Glass Alliance of Northern California, American Medallic Sculpture Association, Association of Clay and Glass Artist in California.
Orvik grew up in Norway which is almost all granite and where carving has a strong and long tradition. She studied history, then philosophy and religion. At the same time, she was working with children and adolescents, orphans, refugees, physically handicapped children, child prostitutes, drug addicts, and homeless boys. The disparity between the theories she studied and the reality of the people I was working with, left her very uneasy – “how do you reconcile free will with force-feeding an 11-year old anorexic?”
She was also working in the European women’s movement to encourage understanding for the needs and experiences of women in other cultures. She began to see so many of the significant experiences and ways of communicating that women have, as elusive. They couldn’t fit into language, couldn’t be measured, only shared through the “tacit understanding” of a glance or a sense in the air. Subtleties and complexities were always fascinating to her, and led naturally to an interest in the arts, especially art by women. She needed some way to describe the reality of the people I knew and worked with, to make them understandable to others. But because of all the programs and the politics, she couldn’t do it with just words and wanted to express how she felt about them, and the many changes women all go through, to try to overcome what Strindberg called “the soul’s incurable loneliness.”

Her speciality is portrait and bas-relief studies and this piece is a fine example of that work.

Simple, yet complex, this piece will be a conversation piece in your home.

It’s simple uncomplicated lines blend in with any decor modern or traditional. The undecorated green fits in with any color room. Finding one-of-a-kind objects to enhance your collection is a time-consuming process. Here, you can enhance your home with a piece by a renown artist. This product will be a valuable addition to any home or office offering a rich accent piece.

This three dimensional piece can stand alone or with other sculptures.

In excellent condition.

Size: 4 1/2″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep x 6″ high