Cordial Medoc Vintage Poster by Henri LeMonnier



French vintage poster created by Henri LeMonnier, circa 1938.  French, Bordeaux. Linen backed and in excellent condition. Conservation framing with UV protective glass. Black frame with silver edge.

Henri LeMonnier is one of the great masters of stone lithography, his image can be found to promote products from Perrier water, olive oil, and fine butter, and of course the chef riding the pig while selling ham.
A great sense of humor and detail was used in creating his images.  Most of Le Monnier’s work was done post WW1 in the great printing days that encompassed the art deco period.

Le Monnier printed with Affiches Lutetia (Paris) publishing.  (Lutetia Imp. used Karcher as the printing house along with other famous artist such as Leonetto Cappiello, Jean D’Ylen, A. M. Cassandre, Geo Ham,  Mauzan, Rene Vincent, Robys, ‘Jac’ – Jacques Sainier and Paul Mohr.)

A few of Le Monnier’s famous images include:
la Bledine, Chablisene, Cordial Medoc, Hule Lesieur, La Societe (Blue Cheese), Cemoi Chcolat Dauphin, Chicoree williot, Cafe Noblot, Cap d’Or Aperitif; Sisca Cassis, Cordial Topaze marie Brizard & Roger, Le Poele Cresu-Faure, Spongia, Flor Savon en Petales, La savon Soprosoie, Dobra, La Gant Perrin (gloves), Jouet Freres,  Englebert Ballon (tires), Automobiles Unic,  La Montagne, and many more.

Little is know of Le Monnier’s background or private life.   Like Jean D’Ylen, the artists’ works speak for them self and he will live on in the images he left the world.

While the details of Le Monnier’s background are vague, the advertised product Cordial Medoc is very well known.   It has been produced since 1878 by Maison G.A. Jourde and is one of the world’s great liqueurs.  G.A. Jourde was among the pioneers, in using advertising to promote its products.

In a groundbreaking move in the early 19th century, the company commissioned  some of the most famous artists of the day to produce advertising posters for the product.  One can imagine these posters positioned on the streets of Paris in the 1930’s.

Consequently these posters have become classics, that are highly sought after by today’s collectors.  This well preserved poster is perfect for a bar/restaurant setting or any home decor, modern or traditional.

Framed size:  25″ wide x 33″ high




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