Dior Eau Sauvage Poster by Rene Gruau

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Dior advertising poster for their men’s cologne Eau Sauvage, circa 1980. Designed by René Gruau (1909-2004), a renowned fashion illustrator, this poster emphases three fundamental elements: the Dior logo, a view of a naked man with a towel, and the Eau Sauvage perfume. Archival framing in black wood and UV plexiglass, linen backed, in excellent condition.

Enhance your collection with this enduring piece that embodies the spirit of the classic Dior scent.  Born from a desire for renewal, Eau Sauvage burst onto the scene in 1966, shifting everything in its wake. Unexpected and unprecedented, Eau Sauvage mirrors the changes the young were living at the time. Young people bubbling with life, seeking a new truth.

Since then, Eau Sauvage has gained an enviable status as a great classic. Its boldness has turned into an absolute reference. It has held its appeal from generation to generation, with impressive consistency. Today it wants to go further still. To surprise the youth of today in their fast-paced race to reinvent themselves.

Rene Gruau (Italian) 1909-2004 – With his stunning, passionate, figures, his arresting use of color and dramatic, explosive element of line, Rene Gruau developed his distinctive “New Look” in the 1940s which greatly impacted haute couture, theatre, art, and commercial design. He worked for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue in the US, Femina, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, L’Album du Figaro and other well known publication in France as well as for internationally known organizations like the Moulin Rouge and Bemberg. With Rene Gruau’s trademark use of his powerful minimal line, Gruau’s style combined seductive sophistication with classic beauty, grace and sensual elegance. The quality of the visual appeal of Gruau’s glamorous and radiant “beautiful people” is at once bold and languid. Internationally Gruau’s artwork is celebrated internationally noted for its’ exceptional and masterful line, and its’ timeless, enduring style. Today Gruau’s works are collected and exhibited by the finest art institutions including the Louvre in Paris.


Frame Size: 53 1/2″ wide x 72 1/2″ high