“Figs” by Albert Ciervo

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“Figs” by Albert Ciervo. Signed lower right. Oil on canvas. Unframed.

Ciervo is a native of Reading, Pennsylvania and a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia.  He has a background in graphic arts and is the owner of Old World Surface Artisans.  With an interest in frescoes he naturally fell into the techniques of Italian plasters. He is passionate about helping people upgrade the decor of their spaces with his talents. Wether it be one wall, a entire room, or even a hanging piece.

This oil painting reminds one of the ‘old world.’  Figs have fallen to the ground and are the focal point with the trees in the background.  The painting evokes the countryside of Tuscany with its fertile climate and cordial atmosphere. Figs are native of the Mediterranean area, and have been bred and cultivated from early times for its commercially valuable fruit and has been naturalized in other parts of the world that have a mild, semiarid climate .  This painting conveys that warm sun drenched feeling and can be transformed to any decor.  The colors are warm and inviting perfect for a kitchen or dining area.  This piece can be framed differently to accommodate your personal style.

Size: 24″ wide x 24″ high

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