“Red Barn” by Gary Shepard


“Red Barn” by Gary Shepard. Oil on board. Signed lower right.

Gary Shepard began his professional are career it the early 70’s as a watercolorist.  After much success, he expanded his talents , to venture
into oil painting as a new way to express himself. He has become one of New England’s most collected artists. His style has become more
impressionistic and abstract over the years but still maintains a realistic look. He approaches his painting with the same vigor as his
watercolors, the mood of his watercolors and oils are equally dramatic.

Shepard started his painting at the age of 20 and has been painting professionally for over 40 years. The clarity and preciseness of all his paintings are basically self taught, with the exception of  a course he took with the Washington School of Art which gave him a foundation for drawing skills.

He is inspired by many artists, where he’s created his own style by learning different techniques  from each of them. He paints in his own natural style using various tools to create the effect he is looking for. He is especially attracted to light and atmosphere which creates an emotional celebration. His subject matter range from mostly landscapes and street scenes with occasional still lifes and figures, whatever captures his eye.

Shepard exhibits in various galleries throughout New England and has been represented throughout the country. In his early years, he exhibited in many shows which he received numerous awards and recognition.

Born 1951 in Lowell, Ma. Shepard is a native of New England and resides there still today. This is where most of his inspiration comes from, the beautiful country side of mountains, back roads, woods, landscapes and ocean keeps him inspired to paint.

This painting is set in a quiet country location, most likely in Shepard’s rural New England.  The barn is the focal point of the scene with lush green hills surrounding the structure and a small white farmhouse to the right.

The gold frame highlights the greens and red of the painting.  Perfect for any decor and a valuable piece of art by a renown artist.

Framed size: 16 3/4″ wide x 14 3/4″ high


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