Robys’ “Legeres Comme un Gazelle” Vintage French Poster

$1,600.00 $800.00

Roby’s “Legeres Comme un Gazelle” vintage French poster. Linen backed and in good condition. Conservation framing with UV protective plexiglass. Framed in black beveled frame. As with any vintage poster a great deal of the price lies in the quality of the archival framing with UV plexiglass. There is no point in buying or owning a vintage poster if you allow sunlight to deteriorate it over time.

When it comes to vintage posters, Robys is one of the best known artists. Created by Robys circa 1935, this was intended to be used by local retailers selling the shoes produced by the Gazelle Company. The white panel in the image was to be used by the retailer to put in their local address , hours of operation, and telephone number.

About the artist, Roby (Robert Wolff),
Very little historical data is available for this artist.    His works have been documented from 1933 – 1950.

Many of Robys’ original posters were created in an over size one sheet format that was approximately 51 x 78 in size; which is one of the largest single sheet prints lithographed.  Artwork includes the Bitter Secrestat, Kina Lillet, Mon Soleil, Union, Toni Kola,  AXA,  Ceres (Nice, France) and on known copy of Cherry Cognac / Grand Marnier.

Art Deco, a term first coined in Paris in 1925 geometric shapes, bold curves, strong vertical lines, aerodynamic forms, motion lines going beyond and stretching the boundaries of high art, while covertly opposing the restrictive nature of Modernism. The language of Art Deco stemmed from the so-called avant-garde groups, such as late fauvism, cubism and purist abstraction, but it was arguably different from Modernism in a narrower sense of the word, simply because it rendered the geometric form as a decorative tool, and not as a form of reduction to the essentials.

These are the qualities of this classic work which are still relevant today.   The clean lines and vivid colors embody art in advertising.  The shoes pictured were high fashion when the poster was created and the style is trendy almost a century later.  The shoes, much like the gazelles, seem to leap out of the box and into the air.  The message conveyed a sense of urgency to get out and purchase these shoes as they may be flying off of the shelf.   The translation of  “Legeres Comme un Gazelle” is slight like a gazelle giving the message of swiftness and lack of being being stagnant.  The post World War One generation was moving forward with endless possibilities.  The colors are bold and bright reflecting the era.  Perfect piece for a large space in a dressing room or bed room.  It will become the focal point and blend in with any decor.

Framed size: 49″ wide x 65″ high