Landscape of Lake and Mountains

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Landscape of Lake and Mountains. Artists unknown. Not signed.

This serene landscape is one that is undisturbed, peaceful and calm.  The elements in the painting are arranged into a coherent composition.  The artist attempted to capture the epic scope of the landscapes that inspired him or her.  The unclouded composition of the quiet lake and lone tree in the foreground and mountain range in the background evokes a tranquil feeling.  White brushstrokes on the water indicate some movement in the lake but all of the trees and bushes are still.  Dark clouds are moving in on the upper left hand side of the painting perhaps indicating a storm is approaching.

The dark colors indicate that autumn is approaching and summer has ended.  While the artist is unknown, this oil painting may have been inspired by the Pacific Northwest in Washington State, Oregon or even Northern California.  It could represent any mountain and lake region.

The thick wood frame is a perfect accent to this piece.  The dark browns in the painting contrast with the golden brown of the handmade beveled frame.  Perfect for a bucolic country or mountain retreat while still at home in an urban setting as it brings a bit of the outdoors into your home.   This could be placed in a den, family room or bedroom.  The small footprint of the frame is perfect for a small room.  It fits nicely in an alcove or grouped with a number of other paintings.  It can compliment any environment.  It is through landscapes such as this one that one finds a kind of secular faith in the spiritual benefits to be gained from the contemplation of natural beauty.

The act of owning a piece of a this traditional form of art will inspire that sense of the splendor that lies in nature and forever be welcomed in your home.

Framed size:  11 1/2″ wide x 9 1/2″ high

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