L’Alsacienne Vintage Poster by Albert Dorfinant


L’Alsacienne Vintage Poster by Albert Dorfinant

Vintage poster created by Albert Dorfinant (1881-1976), circa 1930. French, printed in Belgium. Linen backed and in good condition. Conservation framing with UV protective plexiglass. Framed in black beveled frame. As with any vintage poster a great deal of the price lies in the quality of the archival framing with UV plexiglass.

This woman in this playful poster is pulling freshly-dyed fabrics out of wooden basins of pigmented water where they would have been left to soak in the fabric dying process. They resulted in bright, rich colors of another era.   It is a romantic image that recalls the old ways of dyeing fabrics by hand which would soon become obsolete. After the discovery of synthetic pigments replaced the natural ones in the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century.   In the mid-1800s, the process would have been accomplished by machine rather than people.  The image of the washerwoman reflects a bygone error of textile industry. The Alsacian dyes were of such high quality that they can be used for fabrics which have received the individual care and attention that could only be provided by hand.

This poster requires a large space to showcase the classic beauty.   It is perfect for any decor, contemporary or traditional.

The conservation framing of this poster and UV protective plexiglass have protected this piece from the damage that sunlight that would normally create.   The print has not faded and deteriorated.  The result is a poster in excellent condition with all of the colors still remaining vivid. Because plexiglass is used rather than traditional glass, the piece is lighter and much easier to hang on a wall.  There is no point in buying and owning a vintage poster if you allow sunlight to deteriorate it over time.

Framed size: 52″ wide x 68″ high

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