Male Nude Pastel by Eli Sproles

$1,800.00 $900.00

Pastel drawing on paper of seated male nude signed by Eli Sproles, circa 2004.

Artists take a variety of approaches to drawing the human figure. They may draw from live models or from photographs, from skeletal models, or from memory and imagination.  Like any other art process, figure drawing is a fluid activity and impossible to pin down with exact rules.  The male body is definitely an interesting and fascinating subject.  Sproles has captured the very complex human body and this figure is grounded by light and shadows.

Reflective pastel portrait that, while simple, contains complex details.  The figure and the surrounding room are muted but the face is rich in detail as the model ponders what can be interpreted as serious and complex thoughts.  The artist starts with dark pastels to find the shape of the head and continues throughout the figure.  There is also supressed detail in the background with the linens on the bed and the pillow.  Most of all, we are fascinated by “the face,” where all
our attention automatically goes while admiring the detail of the athletic fit body.  Sproles signature and ’04 date is clear and unmistakable in the lower right hand corner increasing the value of this piece.

The dark frame surrounds the piece in a rigid contour contrasting the subdued tones and soft lines and tones of the pastels.

The artist, Eli Sproles, calls himself a “figurative colorist,” for lack of a better term.  He is originally from Tennessee, but says he is from New Orleans by preference. He has produced a number of nude still life pieces of both men and women.  This is an outstanding opportunity to own an original by this renowned artist.

A signed human still life would be a valuable addition to any art collection.  A perfect piece for a den, living room or bedroom.  This fits in any decor or environment and adds a touch of class and beauty to any room where it is displayed.

Framed size: 27 1/2″ wide x 33 1/2″ high