Michel Liebeaux’s “Bec-Kina” vintage French poster


Michel Liebeaux’s vintage poster for Bec-Kina of three rugby players reaching for a bottle of Bec-Kina, a French liquor. Circa 1925 and in excellent condition. Archival framing, oversized black frame with gold trim and UV plexiglass to preserve this special work on paper, backed with linen. As with any vintage poster a great deal of the price lies in the quality of the archival framing with UV plexiglass. There is no point in buying and owning a vintage poster if you do not frame it properly and allow sunlight to deteriorate it over time.

You can not help but to be taken in by the vibrant colors of the players uniforms that are brought forward by the black background.  The poster was an artistc creation singed by the caricaturist artist as Mich.  It was used as a advertising promotion for a French liquor that was popular in the 1920’s.  This spectacular poster promotes the enjoyment of the Bec Kina Aperitif. Mich, as he was known, produced many great whimsical posters in the style of Leonetto Cappiello, an Italian and French poster art designer and painter, who mainly lived and worked in Paris. He is now often called ‘the father of modern advertising’ because of his innovation in poster design.  One can imagine seeing this poster on the streets of Paris and in cafe’s in the era of the literary elite like Earnest Hemmingway and James Joyce.   This print transforms you to a different place and a different time.

It’s a fabulous piece of art for the collector, especially for a sports fan!    The stunning large footprint of this work will fill a wall and become an initial focal point of a room.

Framed size: 54″ wide x 70″ high

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