Portrait of a man, aka “The Monk”

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Portrait of a Man, aka “The Monk”, 1911. Oil on board.

We do not know the origins of this painting or the artist.  We do know that is was painted in 1911.  There is a mystery about this work which stimulates the imagination.  The longer one views this painting, the more one sees.

A portrait of anonymous monk captured in profile with distinct features.  By placing him just off center we see what looks like a gilded chair with a green seat holding a floral arrangement something decorative which adds more depth to the work. The monk’s face is in proportion to his body.  Nothing has been exaggerated. The portrait is honest and realistic.  

The lighting scheme employed is also noteworthy. The Monk’s face is bathed in light, setting his figure dramatically against the space that he occupies and highlighting his neatly trimmed beard. Except for the facial hair, he has a youthful appearance with a serious expression.  His appears dimensional and realistic white the rest of the piece is darker and suppressed.  His dark brown robe is muted as is his headpiece.  The background behind him consist of various shades of blue painted with wide brushstrokes on a small canvas.  There is an artist signature on the bottom left of the painting but the name is unrecognizable.

The frame is a lovely light wood with an intricate beading detail that surrounds the board.  It is a small piece that would work in an alcove or grouped with other paintings on a large wall.  It would work in any decor or environment.  The light wood of the frame allows it fit into a contemporary setting.  Perfect for a den, office or bedroom.  A nice addition to any collection.

Framed size: 8″ wide x 9 3/4″ high

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