“Red Barn” Bucks County


“Red Bard” of Bucks County. Oil painting. Signed by artist.

Tucked neatly within Philadelphia’s Countryside amidst rolling hillsides, working farms and picturesque towns, the 622 square mile area of Bucks County Pennsylvania is rich in historic and cultural treasures.   Bounded by the Delaware River to the southeast, Washington Crossing Historic Park marks the point where George Washington’s army crossed the river to engage in a pivotal attack during the Revolutionary War.  Bucks is one of the three original counties created by colonial proprietor William Penn in 1682. Penn named the county after Buckinghamshire, the county where he lived in England. He built a country estate called Pennsbury Manor which is downriver from Washington’s Crossing in Falls Township, Bucks County.

Bucks County is home to ten covered bridges that are still open to vehicular traffic. Two other bridges, both located in parks, are open only to non-vehicular traffic. All Bucks County bridges use the Town truss design. The Schofield Ford Bridge, in Tyler State Park, was reconstructed in 1997 from the ground up after arsonists destroyed the original in 1991.

Popular attractions in Bucks County include the shops and studios of New Hope, Peddler’s Village (in Lahaska), Washington Crossing Historic Park, New Hope and Ivyland Railroad, and Bucks County River Country. Rice’s Market near Lahaska is a popular destination on Tuesday mornings. Quakertown Farmer’s Market (locally called “Q-Mart”) is a popular shopping destination on weekends. The county seat of Doylestown is also home to several points of interest for tourists, and also is home to Fordhook Farms, the famous trial farm of the Warminster-based Burpee Seeds, which also serves as a bed & breakfast inn. Doylestown also has the trifecta of concrete structures built by Henry Chapman Mercer, including the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, the Mercer Museum and Fonthill, Mercer’s personal home.

When touring this bucolic countryside you will find numerous farms with barns like the one pictured in this painting.   A country road and peaceful stream lead your eye up to the red barn.  On the right, a row of trees border the stream and a paved road runs along the left side of the stream.  The barn is built from traditional stone which is characteristic of the region’s homes.  Only the dormer and door are actually painted red.

A wide black frame trimmed with gold surrounds the painting.  The frame enhance the colors in this piece.  The red is a nice contrast to the black frame.

This painting is suitable for any decor and any room.

Framed size: 13″ wide x 15″ high

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