Seascape painting by DeMagister


Seascape, oil painting on canvas, signed by artist “De Magister” nothing is known about this artist. The painting is old and shows signs of age, yet it is still a beautiful piece.

This serene landscape is one that is undisturbed, peaceful and calm.  The elements in the painting are arranged into a coherent composition.  The artist attempted to capture the epic scope of the landscapes that inspired him.  The unclouded composition of the quiet sea and the arching trees in the foreground and sandy range in the background evokes a tranquil feeling.  Just before the eye meets the blue horizon, on the far left, we see small white stucco buildings with red tile roofs that look onto the ocean.  The buildings have little detail and could be on the edge of a small village as a larger building is just at the left edge of the canvas.  Light clouds cover the sky and the water is calm.  The pine trees in the foreground are weathered and bent over from the result of many years of seaside storms.  There is great detail in the trees and they tell the story of the weather and climate in the oceanside environment.

The scene looks like it could be in a costal area of Italy, Spain or Greece.  The wood frame has hints of gold which provide a nice contrast to the muted greens, tans and blues of the painting.  It will stand alone or blend in with a group of paintings on a large wall.  The scene is not dated and will mesh with any decor or match any other style of art.  A nice purchase for the seasoned collector and the collector who is just starting to assemble pieces that will make a home richer and more engaging.

Frame Size: 24″ wide x 20″ high

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