Small Boats



“Small Boats”
Oil painting.
Signed lower left by artist.
Wood frame.
Painting is in good condition.
A small painting that could stand on it’s own or be grouped with a series of other artwork. This tranquil seascape features a harbor where recreational boats are docked and suspended in the water on a beautiful summer day.
Two row boats are in the foreground and, behind them, a pleasure craft sits with what appears to be sail boats and a beach in the background. Wide brushstrokes on this small canvas give the painting a blurred effect. Still, the three objects in the front are distinct. The bright red details on the foreground boats bring them to life and draw your eye toward them against the blues and whites that dominate the piece.
The boats sit ready to explore the unknown waters. One can imagine the boats in this painting as they go on a voyage together either fishing or just enjoying the scenery. After a pleasurable day on the water, returning to shore with their catch or just anticipating the people waiting to greet their captains.
Don’t let the small size fool you. This painting will catch your eye and be a handsome addition to any art collection.
The canvas is framed inside of a light wood frame with a unique display and presenting it it’s own showcase without overwhelming the piece. The pale wood frame provides a pleasant contrast to the vivid colors on the canvas.
A lovely piece for a beach house or any land locked environment that longs to be near the water. Perfect for the boat owner or sailor. This painting would be at home in a contemporary or traditional decor. A nice piece for a boy or girl’s bedroom bringing to mind the adventures that the little boats create in the imagination.
Sizes listed are overall framed dimensions.

Framed size: 9 1/2″ wide x 7 1/2″ high

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