Soufre Gre Bordeaux vintage poster


Dupin Leon vintage poster for Soufre Gre Bordeux, circa 1933, French. Linen backed and in excellent condition. Conservation framing, linen backed with UV protective plexiglass. Framed in green painted wood frame.
Circa 1933

“des récoltes magnifigues” translates to “the crop is magnificent. That is also the case with this beautiful French wine and spirits poster. It features a black and white image of a bunch of grapes emboldened by French script.
The artist was a fascinating person. In spite of its pleasing and accessible side there was at Léo Dupin a certain discretion which prevented it from entrusting. Even his wife did not know everythings of his career , his formation.
He worked with printer Joseph-Charles until 1936. He became the first poster artist at Prot Brothers. in 1936, he declined an offer to go to work in the United States for the studio of Walt Disney because the idea of leaving France and having to learn English made him reject this proposal. In 1939, he participated in the founding of the Academy of the poster.
When World War II began, the family left Paris to take refuge in Chateauroux near the family of Armande. After a mobilization of a few months, Léo Dupin is found without work.
He joins his family and produced posters or decorations for the theatre company “Les Tréteaux de Bombardon” in Chateauroux, along with posters for fairs and vendor stands.
With work being limited, he became devoted to painting.
He painted died natures, landscapes (villages, edges of water, landscapes of the island of Ré) and people.
He returned to Paris in January 1946, and found work in a printing works Prot Frères as an advertising draftsman. He creates the models for the Camembert cheese labels. Having a perfect command of photography, he masters the art of advertising pages. In his work, the photo played a paramount role and is used regularly basic for his creations.
Consequently these posters have become classics that are highly sought after by today’s collectors. This well preserved poster is perfect for a bar/restaurant setting, a kitchen or dining area. It is a nice match for any decor, modern or traditional.
As with any vintage poster a great deal of the price lies in the quality of the archival framing with UV plexiglass. There is no point in buying or owning a vintage poster if you allow sunlight to deteriorate it over time. This process has preserved this piece and resulted in the colors still being vivid. Because the plexiglass is lighter than glass, hanging this poster is much easier.

Framed size:  26″ wide x 34” high

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