Valmya Wine Vintage Poster by Henri LeMonnier


Valmya Grand Vin Genereux Doux Vintage Poster by Henri LeMonnier

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Valmya Grand Vin Genereux Doux Vintage Poster by Henri LeMonnier

An advertising French vintage poster for Valmya wine featuring a women in a red and gold striped dress holding up a drink with a large black bottle in the foreground and a Chateaux in the distant background. This poster was created by Henri LeMonnier circa 1937.  Canvas backed and in excellent condition.  Conservation framing with UV protective glass framed in a dark brown wood frame. 

Henri LeMonnier is one of the great masters of stone lithography, his image can be found to promote products from Perrier water, olive oil, and fine butter, and of course the chef riding the pig while selling ham.mA great sense of humor and detail was used in creating his images.  Most of Le Monnier’s work was done post WWI in the great printing days that encompassed the art deco period.

Le Monnier printed with Affiches Lutetia (Paris) publishing.  (Lutetia Imp. used Karcher as the printing house along with other famous artist such as Leonetto Cappiello, Jean D’Ylen, A. M. Cassandre, Geo Ham,  Mauzan, Rene Vincent, Robys, ‘Jac’ – Jacques Sainier and Paul Mohr.)

Framed size: 53″ wide x 69″ high


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