Up and Coming Design Trends in 2020

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WPL Interior Design is always excited to see how design trends evolve, even just after one year. Bold colors and patterns are still very present from last year, and we reported last week where we see color trends heading in the next year. Here’s what is looking hot when it comes to design trends. 

Bold Print Wallpapers 

In the past few years, vibrant, eye-popping colors have been massively trending. 2019 was no different, especially when Pantone chose Living Coral as their 2019 Color of the Year. This year also saw designers mixing up patterns and textures when it comes to wallpaper. In the upcoming year, we are excited to see patterns in wallpapers, as well as in other areas of the home, become bigger and bolder than ever before.  

Multifunctional Furniture 

As downsizing and small space living continue to rise, multifunctional furniture has become a necessity. But we’re not necessarily talking about murphy beds hiding behind a wall. Rather, you might see more beds with built-in drawers and storage solutions, coffee tables that tier into shelves, or desks with hidden shelves. We’re excited to see how more designers create more multifunctional pieces that are as visually interesting as they are space-saving.  

Up and Coming Design Trends in 2020 | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography


No, we don’t mean crafty DIY. In a world where almost everything is mass-produced, homeowners are becoming more interested in items that look more unique and less manufactured. We’re talking one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that marry both style and function. Desks, dining tables, dressers, and even rocking chairs have been especially popular commissions for homeowners to add character into their homes. 

Up and Coming Design Trends in 2020 | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Home Offices 

We’re living in the “start-up” age, which means more people are working remotely, often at home. As work-from-home culture grows, more homeowners are setting aside space to create home offices. There are so many ergonomic furniture options for corporate offices, but we’re excited to see how office design furniture will evolve to meet, not just the needs of the remote worker, but their style, too. 

Up and Coming Design Trends in 2020 | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

These are just a few trends we see on the rise; who knows what else will pop up in the world of design in the next year. Let us know what trends you think are hot or not! What other design styles you think will rise to the top?

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